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Winch Out & Rollback Service

Pecos Towing Service - Winch Out and Rollback Service

If your work vehicle happens to be a Sherman tank then you'll probably never have to worry about a winch out service, but for pretty much anything smaller you're going to need a professional winch out if your vehicle leaves the road.  As a heavy duty recovery service there is nothing (ok, nothing apart from that tank anyway) that we can't winch out if it's lost traction, gone down a slope, or got stuck in roadside barriers or other obstacles.

Winch Out

You've probably seen winch outs performed by 4x4s which have winches seeming,y located on the fenders, though in reality securely integrated with strong points on the chassis.  They simply loop a line around a handy tree (there's always a handy tree, right?) and pull themselves out of the mud. It's quick, it's fun, it's easy, and it's not like that in real life.  The reality is that winching, especially if there are other obstacles or a gradient involved, is a science and if the calculations are wrong or if someone tries to connect to a weaker point on your vehicle then winching is a great way to cause further damage to a vehicle that's already off the road.  Which is why you need to call the pros at Pecos Towing Service to get the job done right and get your wheels safely back on the asphalt, and on their way.


Winching, when done by the professionals at Pecos Towing Service, will quickly get a vehicle unstuck from mud or other obstacles, but that may not be the end of the problem.  If you're lucky enough that once freed you can drive off then great, your friends from Pecos Towing Service will just keep getting smaller in the rear view mirror.  If there's damage to wheels, axles, or drive train then you'll need more help and even if you suspect there may be damage but need the vehicle inspected by an expert then it's not just winching you need but a carefully conducted rollback, probably onto a flatbed to take your wheels safely away.  Talk to Pecos Towing Service about how many vehicles we've saved from further damage thanks to our professionalism and experience when it comes to recovery.

Heavy Duty Winching

Anyone with a 4x4 and a winch on the fender can theoretically pull an auto out of the mud, but you're not going to want to trust that truck, semi, dumpster, or bus to a kid with a helpful smile and a Jeep Wrangler.  Pecos Towing Service are professionals with long experience of the big heavy stuff so we have the sheer horsepower, and the horse sense to get your precious heavy duty hardware out of the hole and back on the road.

Full Wrecker and Winching

One of the problems of call outs for winching is that it's not always clear just what the damage is until the vehicle is clearly out of whatever it needs recovering from.  Which is why you want to call Pecos Towing Service because as a full recovery specialist including wrecker services we can not only pull it out (no matter what it is) but we can also take it from there no matter how much damage, or suspected damage, needs to be checked out afterwards.