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Tow Truck Service

Tow Truck Towing A Broken Down Car On The Street

In the movies the tow truck is usually the bad guy – our hero's auto gets towed away for a minor infraction, repo men seize the beloved family jalopy, or cowboy 'vulture' tow operators make their money from the average Joe who has the misfortune to break down.  In real life it's a whole other story and with a professional operator like Pecos Towing Service you'll quickly find that we're the good guys and we're firmly on your side.  There are all sorts of ways in which a specialist tow company can save your day (and that of your family, or your business) so these are just a few of the ways in which we can help you out and keep your life and business safely on the road to where it wants to be.

Accident Recovery

The most obvious use for tow trucks is after accidents. That could be a minor fender bender or something more serious but whatever the nature of the accident your first concern after physical well being is ensuring that your precious car, truck, or commercial vehicle is out of the way of the traffic and on the way to whoever is going to fix the damage for you.  Pecos Towing Service will take care of that for you, smoothly, professionally, and without fuss or adding insult to injury by adding damage in the recovery process.  Talk to the pros, because if you've had an accident of whatever nature the last thing you need is more problems – you want people who make problems go away.

Get you Home

Pecos Towing Service is a heavy duty full wrecker service which means that no matter what you're driving, and no matter what happened to it, from minor glitches to major snarl ups, we can get it, and you, back to base.

Parking Enforcement

Nobody likes to see their auto being towed away but there is another side to that picture.  If you're the owner of a parking lot, a private access route, or a business that finds its property being boxed in by inconsiderate parking you will quickly find that the police aren't going to come and help as long as it's not a public space.  So who can you turn to in order to free your land, your access, or your legitimate customers' vehicles.  Pecos Towing Service, that's who.  There are strict rules about parking enforcement and the right to tow away but because we're a professional outfit with long experience in the business we can advise you on those.  We can even help you with the correct signage for tow away zones on your property in order to ensure that you are in compliance with the law if you need to move vehicles.  Call us know to find out more.

Abandoned Vehicles

While there are rules about what constitutes and abandoned vehicle (call us to find out more) you can be pretty sure that rusty hulk with no engine isn't going to remove itself and may well attract vagrants and encourage petty crime if it sits there on your property.  So call Pecos Towing Service and make the ugly lump of junk go away legally.