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Pecos Towing Service


Pecos Towing Service is your one-stop full service vehicle recovery specialist in Pecos, Texas.  We're a local business with a proud history of keeping our customers happy so that they come back to us again and again.  We like to think of ourselves as being as much a friend of the family as a business partner for our commercial customers so no matter whether you're behind the wheel of the family compact or looking out the window at a fleet of 18 wheelers in the lot we are the first, and the only company you need to talk to about making sure that your wheels keep on turning, your motor(s) keep on running, and you never find yourself, your family, or your business stuck in a rut or abandoned by the roadside.

From Roadside to Wrecker

Pecos Towing Service is much more than a simple tow truck company.   We take care of everything from simple roadside assistance to full wrecker services.  We are there to help you whether you ran out of gas and have ground to a halt, experienced a flat and don't know what the jack looks like never mind where it is or how it works, or are simply looking at a panel of warning lights on the dash and don't know what to do next.  At the other extreme if your vehicle is stuck and not about to get itself out of there, or isn't or can't run, then we have the know how and the specialist vehicles to pick it up (literally if necessary) and get it safely home.

Large or Small

We have the horsepower for whatever job presents itself.  From an out of gas Harley to a fully loaded concrete mixer we can get that baby back on its axles, and back on the road to wherever it was meant to be going before fate threw a spanner in the spokes. As a full service tow truck and heavy duty recovery agency, including rotator trucks for hard to access recovery, there is pretty much nothing out there on the asphalt that we can't help out when problems arise.

24 Hours

Pecos Towing Service is a full 24 hour emergency service so no matter what time of day or night you can call us and speak to our friendly and competent emergency operations staff.  We keep those phones manned around the clock because accidents and mechanical problems don't always choose to strike in office hours or even daylight hours.  When you've got an account with Pecos Towing Service you know you're covered in the dead of night just as much as the heat of noon.  Which is very comforting if you've got a 24 hour business of your own you need to keep running.  And very reassuring if you have family and hate the thought of them being stuck by the curb on a dark and rainy night with nobody coming to help.


As well as being 24 hours a day, Pecos Towing Service is a 365 operation so no matter what day of the week or year you know our team is on the roads waiting to help you, your family, or your business.  If you think your family or commerce deserves around the clock, around the year protection when it's on the road then call Pecos Towing Service today.