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Heavy Duty & Rotator Service

Pecos Towing Service - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service

At Pecos Towing Service we've seen it all and we're good to go whatever the size of job.  There are plenty of tow companies that run what is basically a pick up with a hook hanging off the back, or perhaps wheel trays to fit under the tires and haul a car away.  Which is great, but that kind of equipment is woefully inadequate when it comes to heavy duty recovery. Aside from not working, attempting a recovery with under powered equipment (or inexperienced staff) runs the very real risk of doing unnecessary damage to a vehicle in trouble.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  Which is why you need to call Pecos Towing Service for anything heavy duty and winch out rollback service: and believe us – we're ready to tackle any job you got.

What is Heavy Duty?

There are lots of technical definitions revolving around axle weight but at Pecos Towing Service our experience tells us this.  If you've got heavy duty vehicles, particularly semi trailers and dumpsters or concrete trucks, then you already know you are in the heavyweight division and you'll be so glad you've got Pecos Towing Service in your corner that you probably have our number on a sign in each and every cab (you don't? We can give you the stickers).  The problems start when owners of medium weight vehicles realize that their trucks need recovery but you can't or don't want to unload them first and that's starting to pile on the pounds.  Then you don't want to be having 'if and maybe' conversations over the phone with a normal tow company.  You want heavy duty pros who won't blink.


When you've got a jack knifed semi blocking the traffic on the freeway the thing you want to see in your mirror is a Pecos Towing Service that's at least the size of your truck.  The more horsepower you can bring to a problem the less strain you put on the recovery itself and you can gently ease things right without running risks.  Which is why you want to call us at Pecos Towing Service to ensure the big guns are coming if you ever need them.

What is a Rotator?

If you're running a fleet of heavy duty vehicles you probably already know what a rotator looks like even if you're not familiar with the name.  That truck that looks like it's got a crane on the back of it? Yup that's a rotator.  Don't get us started on why a rotator and a crane are different, what matters to you is that in a recovery situation a rotator can pull up alongside and give access that a standard tow truck simply couldn't.

Boxed in and Hard to Reach Recovery

The beauty of a rotator is that it can drop a line to any part of a vehicle that needs recovery – it doesn't have to be able to pull up to the fender to do its job.  That means that all sorts of tricky recoveries become simple.  If a vehicle has tipped over and you need to access the strong points furthers from the roadside you need a rotator.  If a car is parked in but needs moving then a rotator will do that job.  In short no matter how tricky the job might look to others, with its rotator and heavy duty fleet Pecos Towing Service has got this covered.