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Full Wrecker Service

Pecos Towing Service - Full Wrecker Service

We hope you don't need a full wrecker service but the day you do then you'll want to know you're dealing with the best and that's who we are at Pecos Towing Service.  The name may sound like bad news but what really matters about a pro full wrecker service is not that we can deal with total write-offs and scrap vehicles (though we can) but that we also understand that what your recovery professionals do, and how they do it, can make the difference between a vehicle getting back into service fast, and that same vehicle ending up as a junker.

No Matter What Recovery

As a full wrecker service we simply don't blink even if your vehicle is sitting in a field with no wheels left on it.  We can recover that.  We can recover vehicles that have gone off the road and into ditches, vehicles that have ended up tangled with other vehicles, or vehicles that have wrapped themselves around crash barriers or trees.  Whatever it is we can take it away even if we have to pick it up to do so.  And that's good to know because if you're calling a tow company that's not offering a true full wrecker and heavy duty rotator service you could just find them turning up, shaking their heads, and driving off again.  We won't do that at Pecos Towing Service because we can recover it no matter what.

Recovering Non-Runners

There are all sorts of reasons why a vehicle might not be able to drive or even to be towed from the scene.  Wheel, chassis, or drive train damage could rule out safe movement even with one set of wheels lifted onto tow trolleys.  Limousines don't tow well under any circumstances.  Buses and other long vehicles have much the same issues.  If a vehicle has been damaged beyond repair or you're dealing with an abandoned vehicle that isn't going anywhere anytime again then you need the full wrecker service from Pecos Towing Service to move it.  Remember even if a vehicle can be repaired you may not want to tow it conventionally until it has had a full mechanical suspension for fear of doing further damage.

Insurance Assessments

There's another reason for a full wrecker service from Pecos Towing Service and that is the insurance company.  In most situations the insurance company is going to want to conduct its own expert assessment of the damage before it pays for repairs or even declares an insurance write-off.  Which is fine, but if they have any reason to believe that the damage was caused after the initial accident then the situation can become complicated.  The experience and professionalism of Pecos Towing Service goes a long way to keeping that situation as simple as possible and if that means moving a vehicle without its wheels touching the ground before inspection then you'll be glad of our full wrecker service.

Safe Storage

Sometimes the next step after recovering a vehicle has to wait a day or two.  That could be to give the insurance company time to inspect it, or to get the right mechanical attention for it. Either way you'll need to know that your vehicle is being stored in secure, insured premises.  Just another reason to call the pros at Pecos Towing Service.