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About Us

Pecos Towing Service - About

Pecos Towing Service is your friendly local recovery service no matter what kind of vehicle(s) you operate and no matter what kind of problems they find themselves in.  From roadside assistance to full wrecker we have got it covered for you. If you're here because you were searching for 'tow service near me' then you just lucked out because Pecos Towing Service is a full service recovery specialist that can get your machine back to base even if it is a true heavyweight or is no longer capable of driving or of being towed on its own wheels.  More than that we are proud of the fact that our own fleet of heavy duty help machines is on the road day and night with a 24 hour service to ensure that you never get caught out and stranded by the roadside with a vehicle that won't move.

We handle roadside assistance for every kind of customer and we are on hand to offer that service every single day of the year, without fail.  For our customers we are the fourth emergency service after the fire, police, and medical services, and we take that job very seriously.  If you want peace of mind that no matter what befalls your family jalopy, your company car, or your business fleet then talk to Pecos Towing Service about how a contract with us means you can sleep soundly. Pecos Towing Service – the team you want to have on your side when you're on the road in the Pecos area. Contact us today for more info.