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24 Hour Roadside Assistance

Pecos Towing Service - Roadside Assistance

Stuck by the road? Call us now and relax in the knowledge that our team is on the way to support you. Not stuck by the road? Call us now anyway and find out how a little bit of forward planning Roadside assistance isn't about mechanics, it's about security and peace of mind.  Nobody wants to find themselves standing by the freeway with an automobile that's decided it's not going to be mobile any more.  Particularly on an unfamiliar road and in the wind, rain, or night: all of which happen all too often.  Having our number on your cell means you don't have to be alone with your problem and as a two truck company you can be pretty sure that no matter what the problem Pecos Towing Service will get you and your vehicle safely back to base. How good does it feel knowing that?  Really good right.  So save our number for emergencies but get in touch to find out the terms of our contracts and how we can help you and your business to stay on the road and never get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Get you Home

The great thing about having Pecos Towing Service as your personal back up in case of car trouble is that we're a full service professional recovery company capable of moving anything that's legal on the highways.  So even if your family runaround happens to be an 18 wheeler semi you can relax knowing that yes, we can get you and your wheels back home if something goes wrong.

Flat Tires Fixed

Did you know that if you have a flat during normal driving you are probably covered for the cost of professional help by your existing auto insurance?  Of course it depends on your insurer but it means that you never have to try and work out where the spare is, or how to get it out of its hiding place, or which end of a lug wrench is which.  You don't have to get your hands dirty if you call Pecos Towing Service because that's our job and we know exactly how to sort out your spare and fix that flat.

Out of Gas

It's all too easy to run out of gas.  In between gauges that don't always read the reserve just right and sheer human error of hoping that you'll have enough to get home until you end up running on fumes the chances are that someday each and every one of us will know the feeling of an engine stuttering into silence and that stomach-dropping slow roll to the curb.  Now the good news.  If that gas station you were counting on turned out to be shut.  Or just not there.  If that reserve that's normally good for another twenty miles turns out not to be so good anymore.  Or if you just weren't paying attention until the engine stopped none of those are a problem because Pecos Towing Service is on the way.  No matter if you're driving a diesel, a leaded, or an unleaded we have the gas and the additives if necessary to get your motor running again.

Policies for Family/Work

Although roadside assistance is the fourth emergency service you might want to think about it before emergencies happen. Especially if you have family to care for or a fleet of commercial vehicles to keep on the road.  Call Pecos Towing Service now and talk about our plans for roadside coverage that fits all.Find out much more details about us.