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Welcome to Pecos Towing Service –  your local vehicle recovery experts in the Pecos, Texas area.  Drivers are never alone when you are on the road in Pecos TX, I 20, Orla TX, Monahans TX, US HWY 285, Hermosa TX, Toyah TX, Pyote TX, Barstow TX and Saragos TX as long as you have our number on your cell and our team backing you up no matter whether you've simply run out of gas, broken down, or been unlucky enough to be involved in an accident.  Whatever it is, we're there for you.

About Pecos Heavy Duty Towing

Our towing service is professional, experienced, and ready to help 24/7 every single day of the year. Pecos Towing Service offers the most comprehensive range of towing and recovery services in the Pecos, Texas area.  We hope your journeys are as smooth as possible, but if anything does go wrong you'll be glad to know you've got our number and we've got your back.

Pecos Towing Service offers the widest range of recovery services in the region. That's because we have the fleet and the expertise to take on even the biggest jobs; heavy duty recovery is our specialty. Operating rotator vehicles means we can get a recovery line to vehicles that others can't reach, or get to a strong point on a vehicle that is no longer upright. In addition to the our towing trucks, we also have the attitude to take care of your vehicle and your family or staff day or night with our 24/7 service and we're on hand to help with even the little problems like running out of gas. The following are just a few of our services – call us to find out just how we can protect you, your vehicle, or your business.


    Learn More About Our Services

    Pecos Towing Service - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service
    Pecos Towing Service - Full Wrecker Service
    Pecos Towing Service - Roadside Assistance

    Pecos Towing Service

    The best and certainly the hardest working recovery service in Pecos, TX. Pecos Towing Service will recover everything from an out of gas family runabout stuck by the curb to a jack knifed 18 wheeler semi blocking the freeway. We can recover the heaviest of heavy weights because we have both the machinery for heavy lifting and the experience behind the horsepower. We tow, we lift, we offer full wrecker, you name it; we do it.

    Tow Truck Service

    Whether it's a vehicle recovery after a fender bender, or breakdown assistance, or parking enforcement our teams and our trucks can get any kind of auto moving again if it's come to a stop in a place it shouldn't have. Abandoned cars in your lot? Not a problem. Parking infractions interfering with your private property or access points? Call Pecos Towing Service and we can help you out.

    Selangor Malaysia - 07 August 2017: A car has broken down and being pulled up into the tow truck.
    Broken down auto vehicle car towed onto flatbed tow truck with hook and chain
    Pecos Towing Service - Full Wrecker Service 1

    Full Wrecker

    Sometimes it's not possible, not safe, or simply not advised to move a vehicle on its own wheels even if its motor is purring happily. If a vehicle is involved in an incident and needs to be comprehensively checked out before it takes to the road again then you need a full wrecker service to lift it back to base before its own axles spin again. Likewise if a vehicle is incapable of turning a wheel, or doesn't have any wheels under it all (but seems to be dumped on your property) then you'll be glad that Pecos Towing Service offers full wrecker services for non-runners of all sizes.

    Heavy Duty &
    Rotator Service

    For some situations there's nothing else for it but to roll out the big guns and if you're looking at heavyweight vehicle recovery you need a heavy duty solution. That;s Pecos Towing Service. We can recover the heaviest metal out there on the road because both the machinery for the job and the skill required to to ease the big boys back onto the blacktop. Equally we run a rotator truck service so that Pecos Towing Service is capable of recovering vehicles that are literally beyond the reach of conventional tow trucks.

    Pecos Towing Service - Heavy Duty Towing and Rotator Service 1
    Pecos Towing Service - Winch Out and Rollback Service 1
    Pecos Towing Service - Roadside Assistance 1

    Winch Out &
    Rollback Service

    Vehicle run off the road? Not a problem. With a full winch out and rollback service we can get you out of the mud, the ditch, the stream, or wherever else your machine has gotten itself into. We can untangle it from obstacles and pull it clear, we can safely recover it even if it has suffered damage on its unscheduled off road trip. In short don't worry, at Pecos Towing Service we've got it covered and we can get you back on the straight and narrow.

    24 Hour Roadside

    Out of gas? Flat tire? Minor mechanical bugs that need fixing before you can be on your way? Pecos Towing Service has the answer to all of those and what's more we have the teams out there ready to help you at any time of night or day, any day of the year. Which is why you need our phone number saved to your cell (or on a sticker in the cab of your trucks) to make sure that things get back to running smoothly as soon as possible.

    “Pecos Towing Service is my company's back up option in the event of anything from out of gas to breakdown and accident. Knowing they are ready to help, day or night, is a huge help to a family business like ours that need any stuck trucks back on the road again as soon as possible.” - Stephanie R.

    “ I have the number of Pecos Towing Service saved to my phone because you just never know and as a mom with two kids I simply can't afford to find myself in a car that's stuck by the side of the road.” - Nathalie K.

    “Pecos Towing Service recovered one of our semi-trailers when it not only jack knifed but overturned. We were impressed both by the speed of their response and the professional way they recovered the vehicle so we got it moving again with minimal damage. We'll be continuing to use their services in the future. ”- Sam C.

    Contact Us Today

    Did you make a note of our number yet? You didn't? Well what are you waiting for? As your local emergency roadside and recovery service day and night we are the team you want to know are on their way to you when things don't run to plan. Call us today and talk to Pecos Towing Service about what services we can offer you and what plan suits your personal or professional needs best to ensure you and your motor are never left stranded by the roadside.